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Advanced Rider Course


Challenge yourself, Advance your Skills,

& take your Motorcycling to the next Level! 

$150 | 6+ hrs 1 Day

Advanced Rider Course Motorcycle Safety Rider Group Sport Bike

Nice Work! Many current or previously ridden riders don't believe they have anything to learn after they have begun riding. Checking out an Experienced or Advanced Course to see how much more you could learn, says a lot about you as a motorcyclist.

We should all strive to be life long learners!

Motorcycle Safety Reports indicate that 75% of Motorcycle Crashes

involve “Experienced” riders.

It is designed for the Experienced Rider who has been riding for at least six months (or 2,000 miles) of experience on the bike they use for the class. The program consists of a 1/2 day, 6 hour session of training and practice on your motorcycle in a parking lot under the watchful and helpful eye of a trained instructor. 


The Advanced Course is fast paced and fun for all motorcycle types. Riders are challenged in a variety of exercises at high and low speeds. You will practice the techniques of cornering, swerving, stopping quickly, and managing traction. You'll gain a better relationship and understanding of your skills as well as what your bike can do. You'll also gain more confidence with your bike to continue practicing Advanced Level Skills.


Anyone who is an Experienced Rider and who is ready to take their skills to the next level by challenging themselves, and by challenging their bike's abilities.


You need to be comfortable with basic control and operation of your motorcycle before taking this course. You should also feel confident riding in a variety of traffic situations including cornering, stopping quickly, and general maneuvering.

You must possess a valid motorcycle license, a street legal and insured motorcycle that is mechanically safe and sound.

You will need to bring to class proof of Insurance and current Registration for your motorcycle

You should be old enough to legally operate a motor vehicle*

*If you are under the age of 18, one of your parents or a legal guardian MUST be present with you on Saturday morning to sign the course waiver with you. If a parent or legal guardian is not with you Saturday morning, you cannot participate.

6+ hours discovering what you and your Motorcycle can do under the guidance of a professional Rider Coach trainer.

Riders are challenged in a variety of exercises at High and Low speeds.

You will practice the Techniques of Cornering, Swerving, Stopping Quickly, and Managing Traction

Food/beverages for Breaks. Short Breaks are provided every couple of Exercises. 
Required Gear (Listed Below)



DOT-Compliant Full or 3/4 Face Helmet. 1/2 Shell Helmets are NOT PERMITTED.

Don't have a helmet? You can borrow one of ours during your class.
Eye Protection: Prescription Glasses, Clear Glasses, Sun Glasses, and/or Face Shield
Long-sleeve Shirt or Jacket. If you have a Motorcycle Specific Jacket,

you are welcome to wear it
Long, non-flare Pants made of Denim or Equivalent or more Durable Material. No Yoga Pants
Over-the-Ankle Boots/Shoes (sturdy, not canvas). Must COVER the Ankle Bone
Full-Finger Gloves without Perforations. Garden, Mechanics, Motorcycle, etc.

Weather Specific Gear. Rain Gear, Warm Layers, Cooling Shirts, etc



Get the most out of your class experience in a one-on-one private class or a private group class with a personal professional Rider Coach trainer.  Class offered on the day of your choice on a private range.  Contact us for more information or to schedule your very own Private/Group class.

Sign Up Today, Classes Fill Up Fast!

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