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Motorcycle Talk sport bike helmet leather jacket frequently asked questions
  • Why should I take one of these courses?
    Beacuse they are AWESOME! ... First and foremost, in a fun and safe environment you will learn and develop the physical and mental skills needed to safely ride a motorcycle. Upon successful completion, you will receive a TN DMV licensing skills test waiver certificate. When you take this to the TN DMV (along with any other necessary documentation), they will waive the written and riding tests. You will also receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation card, entitling you in Tennessee to a liability insurance discount.
  • If I sign up and pay for a class, does it automatically mean I get a Certificate of Completion?"
    Registering for a class does not entitle you to a Certificate of Completion. Nor does finishing a class in its entirety. Starting a class doesn't guarantee you'll finish a class. You are paying for education and instruction. Successful competition of a class is defined as passing the Written and Riding Evaluations. We cannot guarantee your learning or put it to use. Your safety and learning are our top priority, not weather our passing ratio looks good. We care about people, not numbers.
  • What is the Online eCourse?
    Starting May 2023 we are switching over to MSF's New Online eCourse that will replace the Basic Rider Course Classroom Portion. This eCourse is a 100% Online course completed before your Preregistered Hands On Weekend. It allows you to go at your own pace in the comfort and convivence of your own home. Once you sign up for a BRC you will receive an Email explaining how to take the eCourse and a code to waive the eCourse fee. Not the best reader, or know someone who isn't? NO WORRIES! The ECourse is an interactive course that is 100% narrated and uses short, informative videos to help aid in learning. The short testing throughout is also read allowed and gone over if any question is missed. Appalachian Rider Education Program, as well as MSF, strives to create a non-judgmental environment of fun, interactive learning. **You should not attempt to ride a motorcycle with only the information provided in this eCourse.**
  • What happens if I don't pass the Skills/Riding Test?
    Sometimes it takes more than once to get all the Skills needed to safely ride a motorcycle. Maybe its just wasn't your weekend or maybe your nerves took hold and you couldn't shake them. No matter the reason, we have seen great success with coming back a 2nd time. Based on the recommendation of your ridercoach you may sign up and pay for a 2nd class. You will be required to complete all of the range activies but will not be required to complete the classroom or written test again (as long as you passed the written test during your 1st class). Notes: In the hands-on BRC, if you have a lot of difficulty or become a hazard to yourself or others during the riding exercises, a RiderCoach may counsel you out of the course. You can opt out of the hands-on BRC anytime you become uncomfortable or feel unsafe. No refunds are given if you do not pass/complete your Course.
  • What is provided in the courses?
    For the Basic RiderCourses, we provide the motorcycles and classroom materials. We can also provide a helmet if you need one. Basic RiderCourse curriculum includes material to introduce the student to motorcycle types, risk awareness and risk acceptance, preparing to ride with proper personal protective gear and a pre-ride inspection, the various controls on motorcycles, engine starting and stopping procedures, strategies for managing risk on the street, common situations, maximum braking and swerving, special riding situations; and the need to ride unimpaired by drugs, alcohol, or other things that can reduce your ability to safely operate a motorcycle.
  • Who administers the courses?
    Appalachian Rider Education Program, a private company in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Safety and the State of Tennessee Motorcycle Rider’s Education Program (MREP), administers these courses. All course curriculum adheres to strict standards of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), and is closely monitored by the State of Tennessee, Department of Safety, Motorcycle Rider Education Program (MREP). All Rider Coaches are certified by the MSF, and are also licensed by the State of Tennessee. These dedicated men and women are regularly observed by State and MSF inspectors to ensure they continue to perform at the high standards set by the MSF.
  • Do I need any prior motorcycle experience before coming to class?
    It is not essential to have any riding experience. However, you need to have the ability to balance and stabilize a two-wheeled bicycle. If you have not ridden a bicycle in a long time, it would be a good idea to get some practice before attempting to ride a motorcycle. If you do not have any experience, PLEASE do not have a friend try and help you "get ready". This will only create bad habits for you to try and break during the class. The Basic Course is designed to help those who have never ridden learn to ride.
  • If I'm under the age of 18, can I take the course?"
    ABSOLUTLY! If you are between 15 and 18 years old, you will need the signature of a parent or legal guardian in order to take the course. This parent or guardian MUST be with you before class starts on Saturday morning in order to sign the course waiver form. If you show up for class on Saturday without your parent or legal guardian, you will be sent home. Anyone under the age of 16 that desires their motorcycle license will be required to take the written rules of the road test at the TN DMV before a license is issued. A TN Car Drivers license is not required to take the Motorcycle Course.
  • Do I need to bring a motorcycle to class?
    Those taking the Basic RiderCourse are furnished training motorcycles for class. Those taking the Experienced or Advanced Rider Course will need a licensed and insured motorcycle to take class..
  • Will I get my license after the class?
    Upon successful completion of the course, you are given a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) completion card. Take this card to your insurance agent for the discount on your liability insurance. It is also needed for those wanting to ride on military installations. You take the State certificate to your drivers license testing station where the knowledge and skills tests are then waived. The certificate is not a license to ride a motorcycle. The drivers testing station requires the original copy of your certificate. Be sure to sign the certificate before you go to the TN DMV. You will also need to bring a birth certificate or passport with you to the TN DMV per homeland security rules. You may also be asked to take a vision test. They will keep the copy of your certificate and issue you a new driver’s license with you motorcycle license included. Note: If your driver’s license is from another state, you need to call your state’s drivers license testing station and check with them about whether or not they will accept an out-of-state course completion certificate. Some states do, others do not.
  • How Long do the Classes take?
    BASIC RIDER COURSE: This Class takes 2 Days In Person + 3 Hour eCourse Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM Sunday 8:00am - 6:00PM EXPERIENCED & ADVANCED COURSES: These classes take only 1 day. Generally done on a Saturday Morning and lasting 6+ hours. However, during the summer months we are able to provide these classes during the week. If you have a group of 6 or more riders, we will be happy to put on a special class just for your group. Please note: These hours are TENTATIVE and may vary, due to class size, rate of progression, and weather.
  • What about the Weather?
    Ever heard the song “Singing in the Rain”? Well if it rains, we’ll be “Riding in the Rain”! : ) Motorcycling is an outdoor sport, if it rains… you get wet! If its sunny and 90 degrees… you are hot and more than likely sweaty if you are a man, glistening if you are a female (As Mr. Cook likes to say). LOL We recommend you keep a close eye on the weather so that you can dress accordingly for your class. Layers and Windproof/Waterproof outerwear are your best friends when it’s cold. Handwarmers are also nice on breaks or in your gloves and pockets. Scarfs for your neck and face help hold in heat and keep the air you breath warmer. Heated jackets/clothing can be a lifesaver during winter months! Clothing with UPF ratings work wonders in the Hot Sun to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. Cooling neck wraps that you get wet can also help those who don’t handle the heat well. Sunscreen can also protect your skin from becoming over heated and burnt. You can also bring a change of clothes if you need for classroom to range transitions. Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. The only time we pause class is if the rain or storms pose a safety hazard for our students. We either take a break, take lunch, or head into the classroom for classroom activities. Canceling a class has only happened in past due to icy conditions on the range.
  • Can I Cancel, Get a Refund, or Reschedule?"
    CANCELATIONS: We have s strict NO REFUND policy. When you preregister and pay for a class, you are securing your seat in that class, therefore no one else can sign up to take your seat. People begin registering for classes months in advance and can only register for spots that are open... You have to option to Reschedule or transfer your class to someone you know if you will be unale to attend. RESCHEDULES: We require a 6-day minimum notice for Reschedules. If you let us know 6 days of your class, we can reschedule you to an open class. Registrations are transferable. If you contact us within less than 6 days of your class and are unable to make it, you will lose your money and will not be allowed to Reschedule*. *When given less then 6 days, we try to find someone to fill your seat. IF we are able to before you class, we will allow you to Reschedule.
  • Is there a Waiting List for a Sold Out Class?
    Yes, we do have a waiting list for Sold Out Classes. However, this does not mean you are guaranteed a spot. It’s not common to have cancelations/reschedules, but when they do happen, we call people from the waiting list in the order we received the request. How to get on the waiting list: #1. Sign up and Pay for a class you know you can attend. #2. Once you receive your email confirmation ticket, forward it to us at with a note letting us know you wish to be added to the waiting list and any specific classes you would prefer to attend that are sold out. Also let us know the best way to contact you. #3. We will add you to the list and IF by chance a spot opens up, we will contact you via phone or email.

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