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Private Training &

Private Group Training


Personal Training & Private Instruction

$600 | 1 Day

Private Training Private Group Training Motorcycle Safety Crusier Rider Group Sport Bike Female Rider

Private Training, Personal Attention, at Your pace!

Looking for one-on-one instruction with the coaches full attention to work with you on learning to ride or improving your existing riding skill set? Or do you have a small group that would enjoy a Private Class with only you and your friends/family/group?

You have come to the right place!

This can be the same curriculum offered in our other courses but in a one-on-one experience. OR You can choose other options like Personal Training during on Road Riding, Group Lead/Sweep, and More. Contact us for more information and training options.


Anyone with little or no motorcycling experience

Anyone who hasn’t ridden in a while but is ready to get back on the road

Motorcyclists who already ride but need a refresher course

Anyone wanting a Personal One-on-One Basic Rider Course (Please Note a Full Basic Rider Course takes more than One Session to Complete and will Cost $1200.00+)


Able to Balance and Ride a 2 wheeled Bicycle

You can rent one of our Motorcycles for $100

If you are bringing your own Street-Legal and Safe Motorcycle, you will need to bring to class proof of Insurance and current Registration for your motorcycle

Age 15 or Older*

*If you are under the age of 18, one of your parents or a legal guardian MUST be present with you Friday Night or on Saturday morning to sign the course waiver with you. If a parent or legal guardian has not signed the Waiver by Saturday morning, you cannot participate and you will lose your money.

4+ hours on your/our Motorcycle under the guidance of a professional Rider Coach trainer.

Because of the Personal Training aspect, you and the Rider Coach will discuss what is best and allow the session to evolve into helping you progress as much as possible during your time together.

Food/beverages for Breaks. Short Breaks are provided every couple of Exercises. 
Required Gear (Listed Below)



DOT-Compliant Full or 3/4 Face Helmet. 1/2 Shell Helmets are NOT PERMITTED.

Don't have a helmet? You can borrow one of ours during your class.
Eye Protection: Prescription Glasses, Clear Glasses, Sun Glasses, and/or Face Shield
Long-sleeve Shirt or Jacket. If you have a Motorcycle Specific Jacket,

you are welcome to wear it
Long, non-flare Pants made of Denim or Equivalent or more Durable Material. No Yoga Pants
Over-the-Ankle Boots/Shoes (sturdy, not canvas). Must COVER the Ankle Bone
Full-Finger Gloves without Perforations. Garden, Mechanics, Motorcycle, etc.

Weather Specific Gear. Rain Gear, Warm Layers, Cooling Shirts, etc

Contact Us to Learn More!

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