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Learn to Ride Safer

Live to Ride Longer


We Provide the Motorcycles to Train you

Get your TN Motorcycle Endorsement

New & Experienced Riders Welcome


Hey You! We're so glad your here!

Come have a FUN Weekend Learning to Ride a Motorcycle in a Controlled Environment with Professionally Trained & Certified Instructors who are Enthusiastic about

Riding & Teaching others to Ride Safely.

After Successful Completion of a Basic or Experienced Motorcycle Safety Course you will be able to go into the TN D.M.V. & hand them a Certificate that Exempts you from taking the

Written & Riding TESTS to get your TN Motorcycle License.

You also Save 10% on your Motorcycle Liability Insurance!

We are excited to be a part of your Motorcycle journey! ​



Basic Rider Course Motorcycle Safety Harley Davidson Crusier Rider

Basic Rider Course

PRICE: $250
DURATION: 15+ hrs |
2 Days + Online eCourse

Experienced Rider Course Motorcycle Safety Crusier Rider Group Sport Bike

Experienced Rider Course

PRICE: $125
DURATION: 6+ hrs | 1 Day

Advanced Rider Course Motorcycle Safety Rider Group Sport Bike

Advanced Rider Course

PRICE: $125
DURATION: 6+ hrs | 1 Day

Private Training Private Group Training Motorcycle Safety Crusier Rider Group Sport Bike Female Rider

Private Training &
Private Group Training

PRICE: Varies

Speaking Engagements and Teaching Events Motorcycle Safety Crusier Rider Group Sport Bike

Speaking Engagements & Teaching Events

PRICE: Varies

Frequently Asked Questions Motorcycle Safety Crusier Rider Group Sport Bike


Check out Our Frequently Asked Questions Page



Military Discount First Responders Discount American Flag


Military & First Responders


  • $50 off Basic Rider Course

  • $25 off Experienced Rider Course

  • $25 off Advanced Rider Course

Choose MILITARY Discount at Checkout 

Thank you to all our Military and First Responders! We Truly Appreciate all you have done, all you do now, and all you will continue to do!

Discount applies to Current & Former Military Personnel only, not to dependents. Also applies to First Responders. 

You MUST provide proof for discount at the time of your class or you will be required to payback discount to AREP before any certification will be given.
Student Discount

Going to School, Making Good Grades, & Trying to Stay out of Trouble can be hard... We get it! 



  • $50 off Basic Rider Course

  • $25 off Experienced Rider Course

  • $25 off Advanced Rider Course

Choose STUDENT Discount at Checkout 

If you are a Student, making good grades and wanting to learn how to ride a Motorcycle to help with Life, we are happy to help you out! Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course can save your life and can make you a better car driver as well. You'll gain confidence and more during your class. So, enjoy the discount and please stay safe! 

Discount applies to Current High School & Collage Students. 

You MUST provide proof of Grades for discount at the time of your class or you will be required to payback discount to AREP before any certification will be given.

Why Appalachian Rider Education Program?

Mr. Jim Cook, our late owner and founder, has loved motorcycles since he first began riding at the age of 8 years old. Mr. Cook and his cousin, Jacky Morrell, grew up close in age and more like brothers. Tragically, Jacky was killed in a motorcycle accident at the young age of 17. After getting involved with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Jim realized that he could make a difference in young person's lives by creating a scholarship foundation in honor of his cousin. The foundation, which is 100% donation funded, pays for school aged persons to take our class at little to no charge to them. We never want a family to have to go through what Jim’s family did because they can’t afford the course. Money should not be the reason someone gets hurt, or worse, on a Motorcycle. At Appalachian Rider Ed, we are all passionate about what we do because we know it saves lives. We also know it teaches so much more then just how to ride a motorcycle and we all appreciate the opportunity to be a part of others Motorcycle journey. We have the best job in the world, and we're thankful for it!
Please note that we do not advocate Motorcycle riding for everyone, we do however advocate that IF you are going to ride that you should learn to ride safe by taking a Motorcycle Safety Course.


If you or someone you know would like more information about the Scholarship Foundation please email us at 
If you would like to donate to our Scholarship Foundation and help a young person learn how to be a better car driver, gain more confidence, and become a safer motorcyclist for tomorrows community, we would greatly appreciate it and they would be blessed at your generosity.

Click below to Donate to the Jacky Morrell Scholarship Foundation


You can also mail a check to:
Appalachian Rider Education Program
P.O. Box 3232
Bristol, TN 37625

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Meet The Team

Jim Cook Founder Owner Operator

Jim Cook

Our Beloved Late Founder

Heather Miller Owner Operator

Heather Miller

Owner & Operator

Martin Davis Certified Instructor RiderCoach

Martin Davis

Certified RiderCoach

Jim Bridges Certified Instructor RiderCoach

Jim Bridges

Certified RiderCoach

Erica Smith Certified Instructor RiderCoach

Erica Smith

Certified RiderCoach

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